Details for NOTICE Pursuant to the Land Re

NOTICE Pursuant to the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediation Standards Act, the act of May 19, 1995, P.L. 4, No. 1995-2., notice is hereby given that Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. has submitted to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection a Notice of Intent to Remediate a site located at 759 Hamilton Street, Carlisle, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. This Notice of Intent to Remediate states that the site is currently vacant and was formally an electronics component manufacturing facility owned and operated by Tyco Electronics (formerly AMP) from approximately 1949 to 2009. Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. purchased the Property from Tyco in 2018. The site has been found to be contaminated with select volatile organic compounds and metals which have contaminated soils on the site. Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. has indicated that the proposed remediation measures will be supplemental soil sampling to demonstrate that soil conditions have not substantially degraded subsequent to the 2013 remediation, and attainment of a Site-Specific Standard that supports residential end uses at the site. The proposed future use of the property will be both residential and/or non-residential for single or multi-family residences, commercial office or retail, and/or other non-industrial or non-manufacturing uses as permitted. Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. plans to use the site-specific standard at the site. Act 2 provides for a 30-day public comment period for site-specific standard remediations. The 30-day comment period is initiated with the publication of this notice. Until 30 days after the newspaper publication date, the Borough of Carlisle may submit a request to Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. to be involved in the development of the remediation and reuse plans for the site. The Borough of Carlisle may also submit a request to Real Estate Collaborative, LLC. during this 30-day comment period to develop and implement a public involvement plan. Copies of these requests and of any comments should also be submitted to the Department of Environmental Protection at 909 Elmerton Ave., Harrisburg, PA 17110.