IN RE ADOPTION OF: : IN THE COURT OF COMMON PLEAS OF : CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA C.B.D., : a minor : : ORPHANS' COURT - OC : : DOCKET NO. 057-ADOPT-2019 NOTICE TO: BIOLOGICAL / PUTATIVE FATHER Name and Address Unknown Notice is hereby given that a Petition has been filed asking the Court to put an end to all rights you have to a child born on August 28, 2014 to Casie Rae Spoonhour, the biological mother, who has resided throughout Cumberland County and was 22 years old at the time of the child's birth. If you believe you are the father of this child and want to defend your rights, you should immediately contact the Law office of Scaringi Law, 2000 Linglestown Road, Suite 106, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, (717) 657-7770, or the Cumberland County Orphans' Court, 1 N Courthouse Ave #102, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, (717) 240-6345. A hearing may be scheduled by the Court within 30 days of this Notice. IF YOU DO NOT IMMEDIATELY CONTACT THIS LAW FIRM OR THE COURT, THE COURT MAY DECIDE THAT YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN RETAINING YOUR RIGHTS TO YOUR CHILD AND YOUR FAILURE TO NOTIFY MAY AFFECT THE COURT'S DECISION ON WHETHER TO END YOUR RIGHTS TO YOUR CHILD. YOU ARE FURTHER WARNED THAT IF YOU FAIL TO CONTACT THE LAW FIRM OR THE COURT, THE TERMNATION OF YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS AND IMPENDING ADOPTION HEARINGS WILL GO ON WITHOUT YOU AND YOUR RIGHTS TO YOUR CHILD MAY BE ENDED BY THE COURT WITHOUT YOUR BEING PRESENT. YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE REPRESENTED BY A LAWYER. YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS PAPER TO YOUR LAWYER AT ONCE. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LAWYER OR CANNOT AFFORD ONE, GO TO OR TELEPHONE THE OFFICE SET FORTH BELOW TO FIND OUT WHERE YOU CAN GET LEGAL HELP. Cumberland County Bar Association 32 South Bedford Street Carlisle, Pa. 17013 1-800-990-9108 717-249-3166