PIAA Wrestling Championships Class 2A Finals (copy)

The NFHS approved new rule changes for wrestling on Tuesday, allowing wrestlers the option to wear a two-piece uniform instead of the tradition singlet.

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In hopes of attracting more participation from both boys and girls, the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Wrestling Rules Committee approved a new two-piece uniform for high school wrestlers for the 2017‐18 high school wrestling season.

The new rule was approved on Tuesday, along with a package of other changes.

According to the description for the new two-piece uniform, the details are as follows: “The compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling shall be school‐issued and shall have a minimum 4‐inch inseam that does not extend below the knee. The form‐fitted compression shirt shall not cover or extend below the elbow and shall have a minimum 3‐inch tail. The shirt may be worn under a singlet or with compression shorts or shorts designed for wrestling.”

A few other rules were also put into place during the meeting. Rule 4‐5‐3 now prohibits anything that promotes weight loss or weight gain after a wrestler misses weight during the first attempt on the scale, including dehydration or drinking fluids to gain weight. Rules about cutting hair, modifying clothing and other activities to alter weight have also been put in place.

The straight-back salto in the rear-standing position has also been banned.

Other rules are as follows, cited from the press release:

Rule 5‐19‐10: The referee no longer may be behind the contestants when starting the wrestlers from the down position, which has led the false starts by one or both wrestlers.

Rule 6‐6‐4a(1) and 6‐6‐5a(1): Errors by the timekeeper, official scorer or referee must be corrected prior to the offended contestant leaving the mat area and before the start of the next match on that mat.

7‐6‐4d: Stalling occurs when the contestant in the advantage position stays behind the opponent while on his/her feet, making no attempt to bring the opponent to the mat.

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