East Pennsboro's Onasis Neely In My Words

We played a great game on Friday.

I have to say No. 3 from Palmyra [LB Devan Sosnoski] is tough and a fearless player. This is the second year I’ve played against him, and every game, every play, his motor is going 100 mph. He brings it. Palmyra came to play and fought hard.

Our team is playing complete football, and we are all taking care of each other. Our receivers are making those tough catches every week, and our lineman are looking forward to pancakes. My lineman are really making holes for me, man. I wouldn’t have broke 5,000 career yards Friday night without them. I’m blessed to have those guys in front of me balling out every week.

We are all playing great right now. Our defense is playing lights out. That’s four weeks now our defense has only given up one touchdown in the first half. Trent Fries is our defensive leader, and that big No. 7 is playing great football for our team right now. He’s opening holes offensively and closing holes defensively. I’m grateful to have a guy like that on my team. He’s just that teammate that when you look in his eyes, you just know. You know he’s giving everything out there.

During the game I was so happy to play fullback and blow somebody up for him. He’s been doing it for me since peewee. I remember last year, one of his goals was to score a TD. On Friday, he scored three. I’m just so proud of everything we are doing together. We’ve all came a long way, with a short time to play and we are gonna make the most out of it, win or lose.

Well, this is our last game this upcoming Friday at The Sax, my last game playing on a field that I literally grew up on since playing youth. We are extremely excited as seniors to give our class and community one last show at home.

We have a team coming in that we really want to beat. Last year we were in the same position, 6-2, and they gave us a loss and we almost missed the playoffs. This game is a backyard brawl. We all know each other, and we know Camp Hill will come in and play us tough, and we are up to the task.

We have two more games to accomplish that goal our coaching staff set out for us going into Week 6. Go 5-0, and right now we are 3-0 with Senior Night this Friday being our last home game.

Man, we are going to be hype this Friday. I can’t wait to give it all out one last time at home. It brings tears to my eyes knowing this is the last time I will ever suit up at home again in front of an electric crowd. We’re ready and can’t wait to ball out Friday!


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