Dear Editor:

For one year the liberal news media has been hyperventilating over the so-called Russian collusion. This false news, led by the Corrupt News Network (CNN), the American Bull Co. (ABC), the Crooked Broadcast Corp. (CBS), and the M.S. Nonsense Broadcast Corp. (MSNBC) had more than 90 percent negative reporting on President Trump, while less than 10 percent was positive.

In contrast, Obama's coverage was 90 percent positive and 10 percent negative ... no bias here.

The venom of hatred dripping from the mouths of the liberal left is an abomination to God. Where does "hate speech" apply? Is that a privilege applied just for special interest groups?

When people in high office such as James Comey, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton (the real Russian collusion), Obama (Benghazigate), Loretta Lynch (she targeted Tea Party), Rahm Emanuel, Peter Strzok, Rod Rosenstein, Robert Mueller and their ill-fated that swim in swamp of lies are exposed, many Americans will be shocked. Others knew better.

When a presidential candidate pays for a dossier and she uses it to enable a FISA warrant to investigate a Russian collusion, you know she is desperate.

The time for indictments has finally come. If true justice is not carried out, America is ripe for the judgment of Almighty God.

Stephen Garisto