Dear Editor:

Jill Bartoli's guest editorial (The Sentinel, Jan. 15) appears to endorse the sentiments of Margaret Renkl's claim in her Dec. 25 New York Times article that what Christians need is a "new right-to-life movement."

I agree that in a society where we have become increasingly polarized, it is important to focus on values we share, but to say we all believe that Jesus had nothing to say about abortion is a gross distortion of reality. Many of us believe God's Sixth Commandment — Thou Shalt Not Kill — speaks directly to the question of abortion.

How can we possibly think we have created a culture of life by feeding hungry children while ignoring the plight of the most vulnerable — the unborn child? The tragedy of hungry and homeless children is not solved by abandoning "THE" right-to-life movement for a "new" right-to-life movement. Instead, the right to life of unborn children should be embraced along with our efforts to feed hungry children.

Werner G Schmidt Jr

Monroe Township