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Dear Editor:

We have known Torren Ecker since he was a young man in high school, and we could not think of a better person to represent our community in Harrisburg.

Torren is the total package. He is a dedicated, intelligent leader in the community, but he is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He has helped our family for years on our cattle farm. He was raised in a blue-collar hardworking family, which has stayed with him in his legal profession. Torren truly cares about businesses and farmers and puts the best interests of others first. He is a fantastic husband and father, which motivates him to make the community a better place.

We believe Torren is the perfect person at the perfect time to represent us. Torren Ecker will put Pennsylvania’s families first when he is elected to represent Pennsylvania’s 193rd State House District.

Ty and Mary Price



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