Dear Editor:

As a mother of five CHS graduates and two younger children, I urge my fellow Carlisleans to join me in supporting Julie Lesman for school board.

All too frequently, education is framed in a technocratic paradigm: we speak as though we can manufacture students according to our preferred specifications. We aimed to mass produce citizens to outperform the Soviet Union during the Sputnik era; now we consider how to engineer technocrats to compete in an increasingly globalized economy.

Ms. Lesman understands that the object of our educational aims, the human child, arrives at the schoolhouse door with an innate logic of development. Nurturing the growth of a living creature is a far different matter than manufacturing a computer. Our guidance of the intellectual maturation of the child must be undergirded by a keen grasp of the child’s inherent plan of development, including needs such as imaginative play, recess, and mental and physical rest.

Ms. Lesman knows our community well as a long time resident and manager of our farmer’s market. Nevertheless, she does not presume to thoroughly understand every challenge within our schools. Ms. Lesman is engaged in a broad process of inquiry, asking parents and other community members for insight and reflections. Her thoughtful commitment to research and surveying the landscape around her, her open thinking, and her talent for creative, collaborative deliberation are habits of mind which will serve our students and community well.

Give Carlisle a gift: Julie Lesman for school board!

Angela Smith



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