Supports Fetterman for lieutenant governor

Dear Editor:

In this year’s primary and general elections, please vote for John Fetterman for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Fetterman is the future of political leadership for Pennsylvania and is the right person at the right time, just who we need in Harrisburg and beyond. What makes him preeminently qualified as a leader is his dedication to work for regular citizens. A champion of common sense community redevelopment, Fetterman guided Braddock back from the margins, stabilizing neighborhoods and attracting new businesses to the municipality that elected him mayor.

Making quality public education available to all, “regardless of zip code” is a repeated theme of Fetterman’s priorities. In an era where a child’s future prospects have more to do with which school district she grows up in vs. her talents and abilities, Fetterman’s insistence on equal opportunity for all children is a breath of fresh air. Fetterman’s resume includes volunteering for AmeriCorps, where he set up programs to help young Pittsburgh residents get their high school diplomas.

Fetterman is also a leader in the drive to scrap antiquated, discriminatory policies being promoted by out of touch, old-timey career politicians in Harrisburg. Addressing the wealth gap, protecting women’s rights and the rights of ethnic minorities are all priorities for him. He also is a trailblazer for the rights of GLBT persons and officiated one of the first same-sex marriages in the commonwealth.

Another area where Fetterman is spot on is his common sense approach to drug law enforcement, especially “ending the drug war” and treating addiction as the medical issue it is. A key accomplishment during his time as mayor is the reduction in violent crime, which has been on a downward trend for the better part of six years.

These are the reasons why I am endorsing Fetterman in his bid for lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania.

Peter P. Carli II