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Dear Editor:

When it comes to politics, we want our candidates to stand behind their promises. We want confidence, clarity, and common sense.

We want our representatives to listen, to lead and to truly “represent” those values that we hold dear.

Barry Cockley can do that, and he is working hard to gain your vote as State Representative for the 193rd District.

An eight-year member of the Adams County Republican Committee, a precinct captain, and a member of the Berwick Township Board of Supervisors since 2011, he is a strong Constitutional Conservative whose stances are founded on individual liberty and freedom.

I’ve known Barry and his wife, Lori, for over 25 years, so I’ve had the privilege of watching Barry’s political aspirations and accomplishments grow. He’s passionate about making Pennsylvania a better place. He knows that being a State Representative is often a thankless job, but he’s committed to giving his constituents a voice. He is a man of integrity, knowledge, and proven ability.

Every day, he’s meeting people, knocking on doors, and discussing the issues. At night, he's attending meetings all over the district. He’s been doing his homework for years, and he’s worked tirelessly the past eight years with this goal in sight. There’s no doubt in my mind that Barry will represent the 193rd district to the very best of his ability.

His agenda is solid and impressive, and you can learn about the many issues that he will tackle as State Representative by visiting his website.

I encourage you to vote for Barry Cockley on May 15.

Carolyn Conrad



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