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Dear Editor:

While treating symptoms one often overlooks the underlying disease which only festers and gets worse. The disease began in 1963 and we have, for the most part, fashioned a self- imposed ignorance to its consequences. A void was created then which had to be filled. Since the conscience became eventually seared over a short period of time, what replaced it was a disregard for humanity as though we are just another animal and thus the reason for what’s been happening in the public arena since then.

In a recent article concerning the public school walkout, a picture appeared of a student holding a sign that read “If you are part of, support, or take donations from the NRA, YOU HAVE BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS”. Why such protest against an inanimate object and those who support it as though having taken part in the killing of the innocent?

As understood, a brick is also an inanimate object. In the hands of a mason it can be used to build a house but in the hands of a law breaker it can be used to break a window. Should we protest against the brick layers’ union or deal with the mentality of the one bent on using the inanimate object for destruction?

Many deride this comment but statistics have shown that when God was thrown out of public schools in the '60s something had to fill the house that was swept and empty.

Charles F. Yana II



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