Dear Editor:

I know what we as people can do to reduce/end violence, gun or otherwise in America. I know what we can do to reduce/end racism, hatred, bigotry, injustice, poverty, and the devastation/death associated with the abuse/addiction of drugs and alcohol here in America.

I know what we as a people can do to reduce the negative impact on our well-being that results from depression, anxiety, fear, sickness, disease, divorce, sex trafficking,and road accidents.

I know what we can do to establish domestic tranquility here in America and other nations. I know what we as a people can do to enjoy the fullness, a.k.a. cup full and overflowing, of life, liberty, and happiness here in America and elsewhere.

Practice a religion, a belief, a way of life, called Christianity that is found in a book called the Holy Bible: the Word of God, Jesus. This is what made America, the youngest nation among nations, the greatest nation among nations. It also happens to be what President Donald Trump is promoting, in spite of all the hate and opposition against him.

We do not need more laws from Washington D.C. called gun control. Any responsible gun owner is already at all times practicing safe gun control.

Our founding fathers never intended America to be "free from religion" and have government control our choices, but rather have the freedom to practice the religion, belief, way of life given to us by God which results in people making choices that result in domestic tranquility, unity, together enjoying the fullness of life, liberty, and happiness.

The Constitution was put in place to advance and defend this freedom.

Now it is up to we the people to practice Christianity, the Bible, the word of God, Jesus, put like minded people in Washington D.C. and support President Donald Trump and make America great again!

Stephen L. Bert

Boiling Springs


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