Love America

Dear Editor:

What does it mean to love America?

If someone takes a knee during the national anthem to protest, does that mean that they don’t love our country?

In the Bible, it says that “there is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.”

Our military, firefighters, emergency responders and policemen can certainly make that claim; but there is more to love than this.

Love also means comforting those who are hurting. Why do segments of our population feel the need to emphasize that their lives matter? No segment of the population should feel that their lives are undervalued. By the same token, we need to protect and support those professionals that are willing to lay down their lives to protect our safety and to enforce our laws.

Parents also know that love often means telling those you love that they are wrong. None of us live up to our ideals all the time. Friends and acquaintances will often avoid pointing out our short comings for fear of offending us. However, those who truly love us will tell us the truth. If someone in power does something wrong, they need to be held accountable.

Sixty years ago this year, the Little Rock Nine enrolled in Little Rock Central High School to promote the cause of integration in the public school system. They endured a lot of abuse and threats to assert their right to equal treatment and education. They also pointed out the evils of segregation in America.

While we have made significant progress as a nation, there is a continuing need for dialogue on these issues. Instead of demonizing those who are protesting, perhaps it’s time we find out why our fellow Americans are hurting.

Joel Hillison



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