Dear Editor:

Last February, Blair Lawrence had an epiphany: “I think I want to run for office.”

My response: “We’ll have to figure out how to do that.”

Flash forward through dozens of petition signatures, coffee with New Cumberland community leaders, showing up to monthly council meetings, canvassing thousands of doors, and delivering yard signs - when Blair does something, she does it right. She’s handled the unfamiliar territory of her “campaign” with grace.

Blair has motivation. Going door-to-door isn’t easy. It takes motivation. I know that if elected, she will continue to be motivated to work for the residents, businesses and people of New Cumberland to make sure our great town is the best it can be.

Blair is a leader. She leads by listening. I know she will listen to and act on the issues that New Cumberland faces. At her alma mater, Shippensburg University, Blair was the university’s Vice President on the Activities Program Board. She’s also served as Vice President and team captain of her roller derby team, a 501(c)3 organization.

Blair is fair. As a young woman, she hopes to bring better representation to council in a borough that is experiencing an influx of young families. She’s inspired me and dozens of other people in our town to step up and get engaged. She’s talked to Republicans, Democrats and Independents and knows that we’re all neighbors working together for New Cumberland.

Blair will work to improve communication between our local government and its citizens. She will strive to increase collaboration between our neighboring municipalities and school district. And she will push for new ideas and better access to the decisions and investments our town makes.

As her husband, I may be a little biased, but I strongly believe Blair Lawrence is the councilwoman New Cumberland needs.

Drew Lawrence

New Cumberland


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