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Dear Editor:

Sense is becoming less "common." For this next generation to believe “gun control” is "truly a revolution” misses the point of having a well-armed militia in the first place. Such thinking is "anti-revolution." Do they want to return to a monarchy paying taxes without representation? Is this “another generation” that will be sold “into the hand of surrounding enemies” (Judges 2:10, 14)?

Has their history book been so re-written that the founding of this sovereign republic is devoid of the one minor product that helped attain that victory? Has anyone even read what the founders wrote corresponding with the Constitution and Bill of Rights? Do they actually believe that gun control is “the only final, definite solution” that will convince a criminal to stop breaking existing laws? Are they convinced that government will keep them safe if everyone laid down their legal firearms to run the country via a socialistic ideology?

If they raise the age limit to 21 to purchase guns, shouldn't they also raise it to 21 to vote? If a person is considered too immature to make the one adult decision aren't they also too immature to make the other? And who makes that decision? Where does the conscience play into a person’s maturity level? After all, it would take about three years to get a taste of the real world in order to make real decisions that would affect even more people by then.

So how many incidents where guns are used at "soft targets" like schools will it take to convince these young indoctrinated to get it, when you consider how often shootings have happened like this at gun shows where there are so many guns?

Is it really the gun then?

Charles F. Yana II



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