Dear Editor:

I have been puzzled about rallies against hate since some of those at these rallies identify as Trump haters. So, they rally against hate, but hate President Trump. Is that logical?

They claim it’s OK to hate the president since he’s a racist, sexist, misogynist ... (this list goes on and on). They cite the riot at Charlottesville as an example of his far conservative leanings and a reason to hate him. At Charlottesville, a Democratically controlled city, both right and left radicals came for a fight, and they both got one. Trump condemned both sides.

How is that wrong? Because the left believes their cause is right, and as a result can muzzle opposition, riot, burn and attack those that don't agree with them. So, the left is justified in their actions in spite of laws against what they do. That makes the rule of law a folly. Also, Trump wants to prevent illegal immigrants from coming to the U.S. and deport those that are here. I say: “But they are illegal!" Leftists counterclaim that we should only obey the laws we agree with. Sanctuary cities are a good example of selectively following the law.

I say I’d like to disobey the law against murder so I can kill everyone who disagrees with me. Can I do that? Answer — you can’t’ do that because it’s wrong.

Why is it wrong? You just said I could decide which laws I wanted to obey and those that believe they are right can destroy whatever or whoever they want. You rallied against hate, but you hate Trump, that's contradictory!

Wow! Look at flaws in liberal thinking.

1) Hate is OK if it's directed against those that don’t agree with you.

2) Without the rule of law, culture comes apart and anarchy reigns.

Charlie Liebert



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