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Dear Editor:

In his recent attacks against Scott Wagner’s 100 percent pro-life record, gubernatorial candidate Paul Mango is simultaneously showing his ignorance of the pro-life issue while insulting pro-life advocates who have been fighting to protect the pre-born for decades.

First, Mango shows his ignorance about the pro-life issue by referring to Pennsylvania’s 'liberal abortion law.' The fact is, Pennsylvania’s Abortion Control Act is one of the most pro-life laws in the country. Many states allow for abortions up to birth, while Pennsylvania restricts them to the first six months in most circumstances. Pennsylvania also requires a 24-hour waiting period before having an abortion, parental consent (in most circumstances), and basic health and safety requirements for abortion centers.

Mr. Mango’s characterization of the Abortion Control Act as “liberal” is an insult to pro-lifers across the Commonwealth. Pro-life women and men have spent countless hours first fighting to pass Pennsylvania’s landmark Abortion Control Act, and then defending it in court and in the legislature. For someone who has said “the Supreme Court has decided that” to call the law pro-life advocates have shed blood, sweat, and tears over “liberal” is a slap in the face of those pro-life warriors.

Scott Wagner has a 100 percent pro-life voting record and has spent his time in the Pa. Senate looking for ways to strengthen the Abortion Control Act and save the lives of more babies. Paul Mango would do well to educate himself on the issue and stop insulting dedicated pro-life advocates.

Matthew Wagner



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