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Dear Editor:

An article you ran titled "Debate shows differences" (The Sentinel, March 7) by Associated Press Reporter Marc Levy contains fake news.

Mr. Levy states that there were "budget-balancing cuts" in the education budget under Gov. Tom Corbett. That is not true. The 2010-11 Rendell budget contained $1.064 billion in education funding from the federal government stimulus program. Every school district in Pennsylvania knew those funds would not continue.

The 2011-12 budget, under Corbett, did not have any stimulus funds to give to education, but that was not Corbett's fault. The federal government stopped the program. Commonwealth funding for education increased in the 2011-12 budget and every budget under Gov. Corbett — $9.593 billion to $9.7 billion to $10.022 billion to $10.3 billion.

You do a disservice to your readers when you continue to spread fake news. We deserve better.

Jim Cochran


Editor's Note: The debate as to whether or not Gov. Corbett increased or cut education funding took center stage during the 2014 gubernatorial election. A story from the York Daily Record discussed the debate here:


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