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Casino is an opportunity

Dear Editor:

After reading your article regarding the casino (The Sentinel, May 11, 2018). I was completely shocked by what the mayor said. All I can say is here we go again.

The headline told the whole story. Why in the world would you open a public meeting for the purpose of gather public input with a statement saying that the majority (meaning four members) of council are against this issue? Four people are deciding what 18,500 people want. This is not the first time this has happened. Anyone remember the A.B.F. story. Big-paying jobs stopped, but that time it wasn’t the governments fault, but a small group of vocal people.

This time we have Home Rule on our side. Now they might try to confuse you with the words resolution and ordinance to try to make things difficult, but any time a person quotes the law it is a matter of interpretation. My reading of the law is, I can take a petition to the council to change their ruling if signed by five registered voters?

If rejected, then I can require the necessary signatures on a petition to force council to do what is requested by the citizens, in this case by placing a referendum on the next general or primary election. Please, this is my interpretation.

People of Carlisle this size casino will only keep money in this area instead of taking busloads of our citizens out of state. Carlisle has more to gain than to lose. It will not raise crime or kill our kids like selling drugs does in our area.

Plus this letter is from someone who doesn’t even gamble. Don’t let an opportunity get away from us again!

Roger Spitz



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