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Dear Editor:

Carlisle Borough Council is making a big mistake not approving a mini-casino for Carlisle.

It appears the site being considered for the casino is the Carlisle Plaza Mall, a dying retail facility. Putting a casino in the mall will breathe new life into the mall and attract more businesses to locate there. The $1 million-dollar-a-year income could be used to pave more streets, update police and fire equipment, help the homeless and citizens with addictions and feed our poor.

Council is letting a few people with addictions determine the future of the town. The same arguments were made about the lottery, which has generated more than $42 million dollars to help Cumberland County senior citizens since it inception. How many times do opportunities like this present themselves.

Come to your senses and approve the casino. You will be sorry when you see a neighboring town reap all the benefits.

Joseph Karkovack



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