Dear Editor:

My name is Asha Makam and I am running for the four-year position of Cumberland County Clerk of Court. Simply put, the responsibilities of the office include maintaining the records of the Court and collecting the costs and fines for the Court of Common Pleas.

A bumper sticker I saw read “Don’t Care, Don’t Vote, Don’t Complain” and it gave me pause. I do care, I do vote, and I will strive to be an agent for change to improve government services in Cumberland County. I am not a career politician. In fact, I am a political outsider. I want to bring a fresh voice, new ideas, and better balance to the office.

In dealing with criminal records, it is important to understand the detailed nature of the work and realize each case impacts real people and their families. If elected, I will take my oath of office seriously, be hands-on at the job, and assure the court rulings are implemented appropriately.

I view the office as a business, with customers, stakeholders, and fiscal responsibility. I have 16 years of corporate work experience in the fields of project management, business process analytics, engineering, and marketing. Moreover, I earned a reputation for building consensus and getting the job done.

I decided to seek this office because I see opportunities to improve operations, offer better customer service, increase the collection rate, reduce employee turnover, and save the taxpayers money. Most importantly, I will make wise business decisions.

If you support the idea of bringing a fresh perspective and business sense to the office, I ask you to cast your ballot for me on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself and for being an informed voter.

Asha Makam is a candidate for Cumberland County Clerk of Court.


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