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Dear Editor:

When Franklin County’s farmers and residents pleaded to the government about the 230,000-volt electric line coming through Franklin County’s prime agriculture lands, few stood up.

I answered that call to demand the energy company follow laws and remain accountable for damages they cause. To Franklin County I’ve proved I’ll stand firm and this kind of leadership is necessary to fight the swamp in Washington.

When others talk, I act.

I’m a 43-year old Christian conservative Republican, family-man, business owner, career-professional, farmer, and Army veteran with high marks for pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-taxpayer. I’ve been married to my wife, Jill (Mellott), since 2001. Together we raise and home-school three children.

I have an environmental degree and experience in 3 key areas that prepare me for Congress.

1. I was an Army Sergeant Intelligence Analyst and trainer who specialized on doctrine and capabilities of our enemies.

2. I have over 20-years of experience designing, planning and coordinating infrastructure jobs from roads, bridges, water/sewer systems and more.

3. I’ve managed and am a licensed chief water operator, municipal planner, grant-writer, coordinator and policy analyst for local government.

I’ll work with President Trump to make America greater and be a leader in Washington. I have a plan to fund bridges and border security.

Instead of adding 25-cents more to a gas tax, I’m advocating allowing Americans to lend to government by buying small bonds — America First Bonds. I believe we should own our infrastructure. War Bonds worked for World War II. This provides funds, boosts the economy, increases patriotism, and is a safe investment for people.

I’m conservative Republican and I’ll fight for rural Pennsylvanians, for family values, jobs, infrastructure, seniors, farmers, and our communities.

Prayerfully consider electing an experienced fighter for Congress on May 15.

Travis Schooley

of Waynesboro

Republican candidate for the 13th Congressional District


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