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Dear Editor:

I am running for the Republican nomination for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 199th District and am asking for your vote and support on May 15.

As the candidate born and raised in our community, I share our hardworking and down-to-earth approach to life. My family and I love our community. My family has lived here for generations, my wife and I chose to start our family and businesses here — it’s treated us well and I can only hope that I’ve reciprocated. If elected, I will be guided by our values and principles together with my faith.

I have always been a strong conservative and now want to implement meaningful change in Harrisburg that will benefit us and save us, the taxpayers, money. I will endlessly work on legislation and policies that will help our community by eliminating wasteful spending, outdated laws that cost taxpayers money, and job-killing regulations. I will work to make our schools and highways safe, and we can finally work toward meaningful property tax reform by addressing the growing costs faced by our school districts. 

In order to lead by example and to remove any temptations of falling into the “due-nothing” culture of Harrisburg, I have pledged to refuse the state pension and other lavish perks that cost taxpayers. Pennsylvania needs reforms and I will bring our common-sense values to Harrisburg.

If elected, my office will be responsive and transparent with our constituents and I will actively engage the community with frequent townhall and other events. I implemented these same policies with my campaign, immediately putting out my plan of action and speaking with as many members of the community as possible to listen to their concerns and ideas. I hope I have earned your vote.

Jason E. Kelso


Republican Candidate for the House of Representatives 199th District


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