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My evolution to pro-life has been a 25-year journey. I first was of the opinion, if the fetus was not viable outside the womb, it was OK to abort it. I felt a woman had about five months to decide to keep it or not. If she waited until the baby was viable, then she could carry it to delivery. And if at that time she no longer wanted it, she could give it up for adoption.

I was never accepting of abortions for viable fetuses. Then I started seeing 3D sonograms and it touched my heart to the humaness of what an abortion was snuffing out. It was a life. So gradually in my mind, I moved to no abortion except in the instances of rape, incest and the life of the mother.

However, I couldn’t reconcile how a baby (what I now refer to it as instead of fetus) if conceived under those circumstances was OK to kill, but the same baby conceived under different circumstances was not OK to kill.

I thought if there were two babies laying side by side, one conceived under rape or incest and the other not, could I hold a gun to the baby’s head conceived under incest or rape and pull the trigger. The answer was no. So I evolved further to abortion only under the circumstance of life of the mother in peril.

On further reflection deeper into the subject, if you think a human life has no value because it is inconvenient and undesirable and OK to kill, what keeps a person who believes that from translating it to undesirable and inconvenient persons outside the womb? For instance people with severe IDD, Alzheimers, mental illness and so on — is it OK to kill them and take a life?

Pro-abortion people will often say it is a woman’s reproductive choice and right and up to her and her doctor to decide. For me, it is not about whose choice or right it is, but about the value of a human life. The other stuff is noise to cloud the issue.

So what to do? I don’t think Roe v Wade will be changed. My hope is that more people will have an evolution to pro-life. I am for pre-conception birth control to be free or reduced for those who can’t afford it. Prevention for those who don’t want to become pregnant is essential and access and availability to pre-conception birth control should be easy.

So a long and slow process, but I have evolved to where I attended my first March for Life in D.C. on Jan 19. My hope is that you also will have an evolution to pro-life.

Theresa Myers lives in Carlisle.


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