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Is militarism killing us all?

Dear Editor:

His sign “Militarism is Killing Us All!” has been showing up for years, every time H.A. Penner comes from Akron, to the First Saturday Peace College vigils at the U.S. Army War College front gate in Carlisle.

I used to consider the sign vague and rather dismiss it. Not anymore!

Americans are caught in endless empirical wars; we pay for them to our own demise. We pay and humanity pays with money and human life… others gain from this scourge.

The vast spread of military industries keeps badly needed jobs easily lobbied for in Congress; legislators are easy targets as they hang onto their careers. Turning to a sustainable economy will be slow and costly (and) citizen push is imperative.

We supply the world with weapons. The funds we allot to our enduring ally Israel are largely returned to buy military hardware, from tear gas canisters, made in Pa., to bomb shells and fighter jets from Lockheed Martin.

No matter that “the only Democracy in the Middle East” shoots non-violent protesters in the the West Bank as they resist the wall. Survival calls for a transformed economy with sustainable industries.

President Obama has smiled, and now propagandizes us into endless empirical war. He’s trapped too. Militarism IS Killing Us All.

K. Elayne McClanen

Carlisle Peace College

Lamenting a lack of world news

Dear Editor:

On April 10 a plane crash killed Poland’s president and first lady along with 94 other individuals. Among the dead were dozens of high-level Polish dignitaries. Shock swept the country of Poland as it tried to come to grips with what had happened and the rest of the world grieved with them. And the event was reported on page 7 of The Sentinel the next day.

While I realize that The Sentinel is mostly a local and community newspaper, I am, nevertheless, always amazed at the limited coverage that significant world events get, from tsunamis and earthquakes, to the deaths of world leaders.

Does The Sentinel assume the people in the Carlisle area either aren’t worldly enough or simply don’t care about what is happening in other places around the country and the world? And are the people who have suffered from these terrible events not important enough to warrant a little more attention?

It seems to me The Sentinel should be able to find a better balance between adequate coverage of local news and more appropriate coverage of national and world news.

Mary Jane Russelburg


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