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What happened to the phone app parking stickers on East High Street?

Motorists parking on East High Street in downtown Carlisle near the Cumberland County Courthouse have been forced to use their spare change for parking recently instead of their phones.

Stacey Hamilton, parking supervisor for Carlisle, said many of the parking meters along East High Street were recently repainted. That update meant the Passport Parking stickers, which indicate the meter number and allow drivers to pay for parking via an app, had to be removed.

Hamilton said the stickers will be replaced, but she was not sure how soon that would be.

Many of the parking spots affected have also been closed during business hours to allow utility work to be done by UGI.

The borough officially rolled out the online system for feeding the meter in 2014. Drivers can pay for metered parking using Passport Parking, a third-party system that uses a smartphone app, text messaging, telephone calls and online methods of payment for parking.

Parking rates remain the same if drivers pay with coins, but Passport Parking also charges a transaction fee.

Within the first year, the new system averaged 900 to 1,000 transactions each month, equating to roughly $1,800 a month in revenue for the borough.

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