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Who is the man sitting outside the Cumberland County Courthouse holding parental rights signs?

Terry Monn has become a relatively recent fixture outside the Cumberland County Courthouse in Carlisle.

Recently, he was spotted holding a sign saying “Children need both parents.”

Monn said he is battling for equal custody of children for both parents.

“Basically, I’m out here for my children, myself and the other parents who don’t get 50-50 custody,” Monn said.

Monn, who has been through a custody dispute previously in Franklin County, said he is in the midst of a custody dispute in Cumberland County and does not feel he has been treated fairly by the courts.

“I’ve talked to a lot of women that go through the exact same thing I’m going through,” Monn said. “I think if there’s no issue, it should be 50-50 from the get go.”

He defined “issues” as things like physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

“If both parents can work together through this, it’s much easier on everyone,” he said.

“You can’t resolve everything, but hopefully working through the court system and the legislative system, somehow at least helps a little bit and makes a difference,” he said. “Long after I’m dead and gone, it’s still going to affect my children.”

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