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What made it possible for the extensive work that is being done on the Ege Bridge in South Middleton Township?

Cumberland County’s 2017 budget included a total of $650,000 for preservation work on Ege Bridge in South Middleton Township.

All of that money was drawn from the county’s Bridge Capital Improvement Program, according to county records.

Ege Bridge carries Mountain Road over Yellow Breeches Creek.

The stone arch was built in 1854 and carries roughly 1,160 vehicles each day, according to county records.

Preservation work to be completed with the 2017 funds includes repairing railing, repointing stone masonry walls, debris removal and installation of scour jackets around both piers.

The Bridge Capital Improvement Project is funded through a mix of state and local funds, including an estimated $1.1 million a year from county-level $5 per vehicle registration fee.

The fee went into effect in 2015.

Prior to the implementation of the $5 fee, the county projected the annual revenue for bridge program to be roughly $670,000.

County officials aim to invest $15 million over six years in 17 of the county’s bridges that are considered to be structurally deficient through the capital improvement program.

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