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How does the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection formulate municipal recycling grant funding?

For South Middleton Township, grant funding from the Department of Environmental Protection is used to offset the cost to operate a compost site in the township.

However, the amount fluctuates from year to year.

For example in 2012, the township recycled 1,504 tons and received $20,760, according to township supervisor Tom Faley.

In 2013, the township recycled 1,871 tons and received $30,154.

In 2014, the township recycled about 1,700 tons and received $20,387.

While this may appear somewhat random, there is a formula DEP uses to come up with its grant funds.

“Grants can vary for a municipality depending on the ratio of residential to commercial recycling,” said Deborah Klenotic, DEP spokeswoman. “Even if the total amount of material recycled increases over the previous year, a municipality could see a lower grant amount if that increase came primarily from commercial recycling.“

The award is calculated at 60 percent of the combination of the base award, a bonus for residential and commercial tonnage and a commercial recycling incentive.

The base award is calculated as the sum of tons of approved residential recycling and tons of approved commercial recycling multiplied by $5.

A bonus is calculated as the sum of the approved residential tonnage and approved commercial tonnage multiplied by the municipality’s recycling rate then multiplied by $1.

There is an additional $10 per ton for commercial recycling beyond that approved for the base award and bonus.

For the base award and bonus, approved commercial tonnage cannot exceed approved residential tonnage.

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