About two dozen people attended a noon rally at the headquarters of the New Birth of Freedom Council of the Boy Scouts of America in Silver Spring Township Friday.

The group urged their delegates attending a national meeting in Texas next week to cast their votes against a policy that would allow local scouting councils to decide to accept openly gay boys into troops.

Speakers at the event included an eagle scout, a scoutmaster and the mother of eagle scouts who all predicted boys and leaders alike will leave the organization in droves rather than "compromise their principles" on the issue.

"We'll have to quit scouting if they vote for this new resolution," said Allison Mackey, who organized the rally.

Speakers also praised the traditions of scouting, saying the model has been proven to produce leaders, and said scouting is not the place for discussions of sexuality.

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Joseph Anderson
Joseph Anderson

We can only hope and pray that Allison is a woman of her word and will quit scouting should the resolution for scouting equality pass.


PART 1 It is disturbing to hear that Ms Mackay and her son will leave scouting if gays are allowed to join. Please think this decision thoroughly and make sure you are not teaching your children they can not co-exist with children/teenagers/adults with a different lifestyle/religion or even race. I do not believe gay adults are attracted to children or teenagers. Neither all straight or all gay men are pedophiles. I'm sure Ms. Mackay is not attracted to her son's teenage scouting friends.

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