The sixth annual Turkey Trot was held at 9 a.m. this morning in Carlisle. Nearly 1,500 people participated in the event.

Chuck Kacsur won the men’s overall 5K race with a time of 15 minutes, 44 seconds. Jackie Falconer was the top overall female at 5K with a time of 20 minutes, 26 seconds.

In the 11 and under male division, Quinn Wasko finished first with a time of 20 minutes, 17 seconds, followed by Robert Falconer in 23 minutes, 5 seconds. Jennifer Falconer took female honors in the 11 and under category with a time of 20 minutes, 38 seconds. She was followed by Jenny Bail, who came in at 25 minutes, 14 seconds.

Vinny Todaro was first in the 15 and under male division, with a time of 19 minutes, 4 seconds. J.J. Lloyd was second at 19 minutes, 11 seconds. In the female category, Jackie Falconer finished first in 20 minutes, 26 seconds, followed by April Schlusser in 21 minutes, 49 seconds.

The 19 and under male division was won by Tyler Golden in 15 minutes, 45 seconds; second was Corbin Helis at 15 minutes, 55 seconds. Leigha Anderson won the 19 and under female with a time of 20 minutes, 41 seconds; second was Sarah Rumbaugh at 21 minutes, 27 seconds.

Chuck Kacsur was also first in the 20 and under male division, followed by Conrad Goeringer at 16 minutes, 7 seconds. Becky Fowler claimed the female medal at 20 minutes, 59 seconds; Gina Connolly was second at 21 minutes, 30 seconds.

Other 5K results: Joseph Simoncek won the 30-39 male division at 17 minutes, 9 seconds; Ed Boardman was second at 17 minutes, 25 seconds. Jennifer Zimmerman was the top female at 23 minutes, 16 seconds; Abby Gruber was second at 23 minutes, 36 seconds.

In the 40-49 male division, Kevin McKee finished in 17 minutes, 9 seconds, while Daniel Cherico was second at 18 minutes, 8 seconds. Julie Shelley clocked the top female time at 23 minutes, 6 seconds, and Teresa Mendicino was second at 24 minutes, 20 seconds.

Mark Weston was first in the 50-59 male category at 19 minutes, 49 seconds; second went to David Huff at 20 minutes, 22 seconds. Laura Larsen was first in the female division at 22 minutes, 23 seconds; Nancy Bixler was second at 26 minutes, 6 seconds.

In the 60 and over male division, Carl Jamarik finished two seconds ahead of Aubrey Shenk to win top honors. Jamarik clocked 24 minutes, 24 seconds.

The 5K walk finished as follows: Tom Cheffins was first at 25 minutes flat, while Gary Arbegast came in second at 39 minutes, 5 seconds. On the female side, Kim Dederer finished at 37 minutes, 8 seconds; Carol Smith ended with a time of 38 minutes, 10 seconds.

The 10K overall men’s crown went to James Boyer; Jennifer Gerhart won the women’s title.

Jay Hurlocker was the top 11 and under male.

In the 15 and under category, Timothy Mangan was first in the male division.

Joseph Wilmore was first in the 19 and under, followed by Jacob Hillard. Catherine Campbell topped the female category, followed by Kelly MacDonald.

James Boyer won the 20 and under male division, followed by Joshua Foulds. Morgan Becket took female honors; Laura Cherchuck was second.

In the 30-39 male division, Paul Wachsmith was first and Brady Maddox was second. Jennifer Gerhart and Lydia Becker went one-two in the female division.

Steven Murphy was first in the 40-49 male category, followed by Albert Green. Betsy Thompson and Lisa Norton finished in the top two for the women.

Mark Eschenfelder was first in the 50-59 male division; Dwayne Womer was second. Connie Philpot and Pamela Kline finished in the top two for the women.

Finally, in the men’s 60 and over category, Robert Schmidleih and Tom Cook claimed the top two spots.

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