By Wednesday morning at 8:30, all PPL customers in Mechanicsburg had their power restored after a transformer fire Tuesday evening.

Posted earlier on Cumberlink:

PPL's web site says power has been restored to all but 12 customers in Silver Spring Township.

In the borough of Mechanicsburg, 28 customers are still without power and in Penn Township, four customers remain in the dark.

Posted earlier on Cumberlink:

Mechanicsburg police said in a statement Tuesday that emergency crews responded at 5:56 p.m. to a transformer on fire near south Arch Street and east Simpson Street.

The transformer fire cut power to several intersections and residences in the borough of Mechanicsburg.

Police said they also discovered downed power lines in the 700 block of West Simpson Street.

Abc27 says crews restored power to two intersections while police direct traffic at the remaining intersections without power.

PPL's web site says 1,256 residents in Silver Spring Township are without power. PPL told police that the power outages will continue until the early morning hours Wednesday.

To report an outage, call 1-800-DIAL-PPL.

Posted earlier on Cumberlink:

Abc27 reports that the transformer explosions happened around 6:25 p.m. near Simpson and Arch streets.

Mechanicsburg police restored power to two intersections using generators, but are still directing traffic at two others, abc27 says.

PPL's website says power has been restored to power to 14 residents in the Mechanicsburg Borough, but 29 still remain without power. The website also says 1,562 people still have no power in Silver Spring Township. Penn Township also has four reported outages.

Mechanicsburg police told abc27 that power won't be restored until early morning hours.

Cumberland County dispatch says there is still no word on what caused the transformers to explode.

To report an outage, call 1-800-DIAL-PPL.

Posted earlier on Cumberlink:

Cumberland County dispatch says fire crews and police have responded to a power outage that is effecting traffic lights along Simpson Street in the borough of Mechanicsburg. PPL Electric Utilities reports 1,309 people are without power in Cumberland County; 1,256 in Silver Spring Township; 43 in Mechanicsburg Borough; four in Hampden Township and two in West Pennsboro Township.

Abc27 reported several transformers exploded in the Mechanicsburg area Tuesday evening, causing the power outages. No word yet on what caused the explosions.

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This is the second time in the last few months that power was out in Mechanicsburg due to transformer explosions. PPL needs to upgrade these old transformers.

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