Holden Zimmerman’s grandparents gave him the nickname “Golden Holden” when he was a baby. It’s a name his father, Eric, said his son always lived up to.

Holden Zimmerman lived up to his childhood nickname once more as he was named Teen of the Year.at The Sentinel’s Teen of the Year reception Monday night at Carlisle Regional Medical Center. The reception honored all 32 of this current school year’s Teens of the Week, who were local high school seniors highlighted in The Sentinel for their academic and extracurricular achievements.

Holden Zimmerman was surprised at earning the honor which carried with it a $5,000 scholarship.

“There’s so many fantastic and talented people here. It’s just a great way to end senior year,” Zimmerman said. “It’s just an honor to be named along with all these great people.”

“I was a little bit in shock just because it was such an incredible group. I was just proud of him for being part of the group,” said his mother, Kathleen Zimmerman.

The Cumberland Valley senior will head to Penn State this fall to study biochemistry. In doing so, he follows in the footsteps of his parents, who are both Penn State graduates. He plans to become a physician.

He knows that college and, eventually med school, will bring with it a mountain of work.

“I do have set goals for myself, but they definitely are susceptible to change. I hope I can find my Everest like she did,” Zimmerman said, referring to last year’s winner, Lydia Estes, who told this year’s honorees about how winning the award led to her fulfilling the dream of going to Mount Everest.

Zimmerman is known for working well under pressure, holding a G.P.A of 100.76 while playing electric bass in the school’s jazz band and holding the position of varsity captain of the boys’ soccer team.

But his parents would say to be careful about that calm demeanor.

“He’s very driven, but not in the way that you’re probably thinking. He is very laid back,” Eric Zimmerman said.

“He works hard He’s always been a very positive kid. When he sets his mind to something, he just does it. You can never tell on the outside that he’s working his butt off, but he obviously is,” Kathleen Zimmerman said.

Sponsored by Carlisle Regional Medical Center, the Teen of the Week program recognizes Cumberland County high school seniors not only for outstanding academic success, but also for their extracurricular accomplishments such as band, choir, athletics, community volunteerism, mission trips, and even holding down a part-time job.

“We think it’s such a great program just to showcase all the talent and resources that we have in this area, and to really shine a spotlight on our future leaders as they come through high school here,” said Dave Steitz, chief executive officer of Carlisle Regional Medical Center.

This year’s group of honorees have been part of music programs, drama, and sports, and have earned academic honors that will be taking them to a variety of colleges. Of the 32 honorees, about a third will enter the medical field in some capacity.

“I am not concerned for the future of our country, of our world when I see this kind of group of people. You give us a lot of inspiration, a lot of hope,” said Gary Adkisson, publisher of The Sentinel.