For one Trinity High School student, balancing life, schoolwork and multiple team sports is all about balance.

“Every morning I’m waking up early, lifting weights or running around the track. If I have a meeting, I’m waking up early for that meeting, or for a test I’ll (give) to the teacher beforehand and do some practice problems,” Sean Scott said. “It’s a lot of self-motivation.”

The 18-year-old senior has maintained a grade-point-average above 4.0 all throughout his tenure at Trinity, and currently, that GPA is 4.41. He plans to pursue a pre-med education post high school, yet at this time he’s not sure where he would like to attend college.

He has applied to more than 10 schools to weigh his options.

“I was leaning toward becoming a family doctor/family practitioner,” Scott noted. “Part of my personality is to get to know somebody. Some doctors are just ‘this is my client, I’m just going to tell him what to do,’ while I’ve seen others who get to know their clients, they raise them from when they’re born. That’s what I’m leaning toward.”

Linda Piscioneri is a chemistry and physics teacher at Trinity, and taught honors chemistry to Scott when he was a sophomore. She said he “did well” in her class and later took her AP chemistry course.

That involvement with the student was enough for her to form a brimming opinion, with which she referred to him as “highly intelligent, talented and dedicated.”

“My personal take on Sean is that he is a very serious student who wants to perform at his best at all times,” she said. “He handles disappointments well, though he does try to correct and eliminate every flaw."

Aside from his school work, the three sports Scott plays are lacrosse, where he’s a captain; football, where he’s also a captain; and basketball. Scott is on the All-Academic Team for all three sports.

“I grew up playing all sports, really,” he said. “For football I was in position to play quarterback when our starter went down, and that helped me grow exponentially as a leader.”

The sports aren’t the only thing shaping Scott’s leadership abilities. He’s a member of numerous school clubs, such as mini-THON and Knights of Columbus Squires, both of which push students to actively participate in community service opportunities for a greater good.

Scott’s mother is a source of inspiration for him in community efforts. He said she’s been a public servant since she graduated law, so he was raised with the mantra “community service is a way of life.”

“Sean is a model student because he not only is exceptional in the classroom, but in a wide variety of time-consuming extra-curricular activities that help make him well-rounded,” said Eileen Poplaski, Scott’s U.S. History teacher.

Tyler Miles is a news reporter for The Sentinel covering Carlisle. Follow him on Twitter @TylerTMiles or email him at


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