It’s understandable why one might call Bailey Jones’s course schedule at Big Spring High School difficult, being that she’s taking such classes as honors physics, AP statistics and various other honors and AP classes, but for the 17-year-old it’s fun.

“I take classes that I enjoy,” she said. “The material just comes easier to me because I like it, so it doesn’t seem like I put work in. It’s more enjoyment for me.”

Her career GPA is 4.24, and she’s ranked seventh in her class out of 210. Jones credits her competitive nature for allowing her to maintain exceptional marks in school and manage the various clubs and programs she’s involved in. That competitive nature forces her to excel.

As the secretary of Club CARE, which is a program that plans school events that involve the community, Jones makes it a point to do whatever she can to raise the most money possible for the charities they support, like mini-THON, which was this year’s charity.

“Her involvement at Big Spring High School is beyond compare; Bailey is a humble leader in all of her activities,” said Jocelyn Kraus, a counselor at the school. “Her classmates look to Bailey for support and endless spirit within each of her activities. In addition to her extracurricular engagements, Bailey spends a great deal of time engaged in community service.

“Perhaps the best part of this, as a counselor, is that she is so humble that most people are not aware of how engaged she truly is; volunteering, doing for others and giving to others is simply a part of Bailey.”

Jones said community service is something that she enjoys, and that while she’s in a position where she can give back, she’d like to do as much as possible.

“I feel like I shouldn’t complain about something if I’m not willing to put forth something to change that,” she said.

Like her classwork, she can sometimes handle more than the average high school senior. It all comes down to enjoying the work she does in and outside of the classroom. She balances these things with what she described as skills in “time management and I compartmentalize, so I keep it separated.”

Jones is also an athlete, playing softball and volleyball throughout her high school career, and works at the Cumberland Drive-In Theatre.

She was born and raised in Newville and has made a name for herself at her school and in the community because of her excellence in education and leadership, engagement in the programs and clubs she participates in.

Oh, and she’s well known for something else in the borough: her love of ice cream, which is how the employees at one local diner got to know her on a first name basis.

She’s not sure where she wants to go after high school, but college is definitely in her future, she said.

“I want to do a STEM field: maybe engineering or mathematics,” Jones said. “I’m not sure, but know I want to do something where I can challenge myself every day.”


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