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Her guidance counselor nicknamed her Soaring Sidella, and this Shippensburg Area Senior High School senior is taking her passion for visual arts to new heights.

Victoria Sidella, the daughter of Richard and Stacey Sidella, carries a 3.78 GPA while taking multiple AP and advanced-level courses.

Less than half way through her senior year, Sidella has already been accepted to La Roche College in the Pittsburgh area where she plans to major in interior design and minor in graphic design.

“I like interior design because I watch shows on HGTV,” Sidella joked. “I love how in those shows they take something old and totally turn it around.”

Sidella said she has always had a passion for art, but it was not until she reached high school that she decided to take that passion and turn it into a career. She said she connected with her teachers at the high school, which drove her to pursue the visual arts.

Sidella took numerous art classes to allow her to take AP Studio Art her senior year, something she credits as her greatest accomplishment to date.

During an independent study, Sidella also gained real-world experience by redesigning a logo and branding for her father’s computer business.

“I like the branding side of it,” she said. “I think it’s how you see the company. If you have a bad logo, you’re automatically wanting to not be with that company. That’s kind of first thing you see when you see a business, so it has to be good.”

While Sidella has excelled in the classroom and outside it, it has not always been easy, she said.

Those struggles, however, have helped her grow and better prepare her for her future academic endeavors, Sidella said.

“I took one AP that I was really struggling with ... I was staying after and asking (the teacher) what I could do,” she said. “We worked through a schedule of things that I could do, and I learned that I have to study better, which really helped me. The next year I had (the teacher) again, and I was lot more successful.”

Sidella credits her parents for instilling in her a drive to persevere.

“Since I was little they’ve always told to make sure I’m getting things done on time,” she said. “We have really good family morals, and I was brought up really well, so just to know you have to try your best and even if you don’t succeed, to keep trying at it and give it your all.”

Along with her accomplishments in the classroom, Sidella also takes an active role in her church where she is able to give back to the community through things like collection drives and volunteering at the Salvation Army.

During her high school tenure, Sidella participated in multiple sports, including being on the varsity soccer team, and she was a member of multiple school organizations, including the student council, the principal’s advisory board and the National Art Honor Society.

One of her favorite activities, however, was being part of the marching band and color guard, she said.

“I really like the really close-knit family aspect of band,” she said. “It’s a large group, 140 of us. It’s a really special thing that we do on Friday nights.”

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