It starts with a handshake, Camp Hill High School senior Noah Smeriglio said.

“You meet a man or woman in the eye and you give them a firm handshake,” he said. “That way they know you are going to respect them.”

It is that respect for others, that Smeriglio said was instilled in him by his parents, that drives him to succeed and give his all.

“We focus on respecting people,” he said. “When you respect someone and you work for someone or work with someone, you will work hard. That’s how our family motto is.”

Smeriglio’s success has been bountiful.

The 17-year-old son of Stephanie and Ray Smeriglio, of Camp Hill, boasts a 93.4 percent GPA while taking numerous college prep and advance placement classes.

He is also a standout athlete, having been the goalkeeper and captain of the two-time state champion Camp Hill boys’ soccer team.

Off the field, Smeriglio is involved in numerous clubs and organizations, a few of which he founded, and is a volunteer junior firefighter.

He intends to study chemical engineering in college, but is still deciding what school to attend.

“I love to help people,” he said. “That’s something I could do in chemical engineering by helping to progress society.”

Smeriglio helped found the Outdoor Adventure Club and Food and Culture Club at his high school. The Food and Culture Club started as an effort to try something new.

He said people bring in recipes to share and try and the club has also brought in guests, one of whom was Smeriglio’s father.

He joked that the stromboli his father helped make were the best food he’s had during his time in the club.

“You can’t compete with the ‘bolis,” he said. “Everyone loves them.”

Success, however, hasn’t always been easy.

Smeriglio said during his freshman year he carried a B average and did not put forth the effort he was capable of.

“I was basically thinking ‘oh, I can just not do any work at all and get good grades,’” he said. “It was eye opening and not remotely true. It was a full realization that I have to put in the work.”

He said it has been rewarding applying himself in the classroom.

Smerigilio credited his turnaround to two things: better organization and his parents.

“I have a big calendar at home and I literally write everything on it,” he said. “There is just so much stuff, so I stay organized and I know where to go and when.

“What I’ve learned is that I can do as much as I want as long as I slowly build and build,” he said. “I’m really building for college right now.”

Above all else, Smeriglio said it is his family that has driven him to the success he’s had so far and is what pushes him to strive for even more in the future.

“My family, that’s what it all comes from, my mom and my dad,” he said. “The work ethic comes from them. We stress family first. That’s a big thing to help each other.”