It’s almost a wonder that Corinne Augusto constantly maintains exceptional grades, perfect attendance through middle and high school and a position in various clubs at Camp Hill High School while traveling the world as much as she does.

The senior has been to France, Germany, Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Portugal—the birthplace of her father and where she hopes to soon obtain dual citizenship. She’s even traveled to Hong Kong and China, where her family adopted a Augusto’s younger sister.

“I love traveling,” Augusto said. “It’s one of my favorite things to do.”

Much of the traveling was done alongside her family, but there was also a decent amount done recently with the American Music Abroad program of which she’s a member. The program sends their ambassadors on a month-long, multi-country tour, where they engage with international audiences through public concerts.

Tonya Ivey, one of the school counselor’s at Camp Hill High School, said her conversations with Augusto really opened up her eyes to how much she loves traveling, particularly as an ambassador with AMA.

“Although already a world traveler, this trip was the first time she was not accompanied by her parents,” Ivey said. “In her words, the trip abroad allowed her to not only learn about music, but it also gave her the opportunity to learn about herself with the independence and autonomy she was given.”

Augusto will also be one of the school’s first Global Scholars, a relatively new program to Camp Hill.

“I basically continue my interest in other cultures and do certain extra-curricular activities,” she explained. “I take certain classes here, but a lot of our classes have global components: I have to do volunteer hours, I also have to read or watch foreign movies and compare contrast our culture versus their culture; differences in languages.”

While well on her way to being a well-traveled and learned individual, Augusto makes an effort to remember her home, and does what she can to improve Camp Hill outside of the school.

The 17-year-old created a free library outside of her house where residents can take a book or leave a book. And while she lets it “run itself,” she does check on it from time to time to ensure that the books are stocked, and to sate her curiosity on whether people are using the free service or not.

“I find reading important, and I did it to improve literacy, but in Camp Hill, we’re fortunate because most kids can read,” she said. “Still, I want to improve their willingness to read outside of school because reading is fun, reading is important, and you shouldn’t just be reading what you English teachers dictate.”

Augusto maintains a 98 grade-point-average at Camp Hill while undertaking a myriad of Advanced Placement and honors courses. After graduation, she hopes to go to a four-year college, and then pursue her master’s immediately after.

She said she plans on studying foreign relations or international service, or possibly biochemistry or history. It’s not that the student is undecided, she joked, it’s that she has so many interests and desires it’s hard to choose at this point what would be best for her.

The one thing she is sure of, though, is that she plans to live “overseas” at some point in her life, though there’s no telling how her parents will take that.

“She will tell you her parents are her rocks,” Ivey said. “However, when you speak to her parents, they will tell you that she is their rock.”


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