Clinton Letter Teacher

Mary Reinard, 11, and her step-mother Shannon Reinard, hold up a letter that Mary had hoped to send to Hillary Clinton. Shikellamy Middle School teacher Benjamin Attinger admits he intentionally misaddressed the letter.

Robert Inglis, Daily Item via AP

SUNBURY, Pa. — A Pennsylvania teacher has apologized for intentionally misspelling Hillary Clinton's name to emphasize the word "liar" in a sixth-grade student's letter.

Shannon Reinard tells The Daily Item her 11-year-old stepdaughter, Mary, asked Shikellamy Middle School teacher Benjamin Attinger for help writing the letter to the former presidential candidate. She wrote the letter and Attinger addressed it Hiliar Rodham Clinton.

Her stepmom noticed the misspelling and in a voicemail the teacher said it was "kind of a joke."

The Reinard family met with the teacher and school officials on Tuesday.

Shannon Reinard says the teacher apologized to the student.


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