In an effort to support local wineries, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced a partnership with the Pennsylvania Winery Association that will allow PA Preferred wineries to place a limited number of varietals in select PA Wine & Spirits Stores, according to a news release from the board.

PA Preferred is the official brand of agricultural products grown or made in Pennsylvania.

Under the program, which is set to begin early this summer, PA Preferred wineries will be allowed to submit up to 10 varietals to sell at a select number of PA Wine & Spirits stores. To participate, the wineries must be part of the state Department of Agriculture’s PA Preferred program. Currently, there are about 75 wineries designated as PA Preferred.

“This is an exciting opportunity for PA Preferred wineries to share their best wines with a wide audience,” Agriculture Secretary George Greig said. “When consumers purchase wine from local wineries, it makes a difference to local farmers, communities and our future.”

According to the Pennsylvania Winery Association, the commonwealth has more than 150 wineries, infusing more than $2 billion into the economy.

“By selecting the stores, the wineries will be able to reach consumers who may already be familiar with their name and products, increasing the likelihood of the wineries’ success,” said Joseph E. Brion, PLCB chairman. “In addition, a whole new group of customers will have the chance to try something produced close to home.”


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