Singer-songwriter Josh Ritter says he won't return to play a central Pennsylvania Christian college unless it changes its policy against "homosexual behavior."

Ritter made the announcement on Facebook hours after playing a concert Friday night at Messiah College in Grantham, Pa., southwest of Harrisburg.

Messiah spokeswoman Beth Lorow says the administration is disappointed that Ritter's speaking in favor of openness and tolerance but isn't applying those principles to their religious freedoms.

Lorow says Ritter's comments on the topic from the student union stage weren't as harsh as his Facebook posting.

Messiah students and staff have to sign a "community covenant" promising to avoid homosexual behavior, as well as premarital sex.

Ritter says he's donating his fee to an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services.

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Good for him! And, by the way, just exactly what is that behavior that is unacceptable? Would love to know the definition.


Duh, how about buggary. You may need to look it up.


Michael sinks to new lows. Starting your comments with duh. Well at least you're revealing your level of education. Prejudice in the eyes of god is pretty unacceptable, too, but keep on doing it michael. LOL.


ray stalkerson speaketh. amen.

Carl Lyle

Michael, if RaySamp Sin and the CarlisleGirl find that to be acceptable behavior then I don't think it should matter to you what they do.


If this kid has a problem with Messiah's policy, then why in the word did he come do a show there? For the record just because a person, or a group, or a company have a policy that is founded upon their beliefs it does NOT mean they hate anyone. They are standing up for what they believe is right, people used to be respected for taking a stand. This childish behavior of calling people "haters" and attacking people because they don't/won't agree with your views is unacceptable. Grow up people


Josh Who?




Messiah students seem to have a history of good and bad homosexual behavior. Just ask Bruce Barkley. I honestly think Messiah student who are struggling to find their sexuality must be subjected to tremendous pressure by their parents and the school. Why would someone struggling as they are subject themselves to such a homophobic environment. Yet, the administration must to a degree turn a blind eye to reality. Maybe parents will pay high tuition to pray the gay away. How sad.


Josh Ritter recently played Carlisle Theatre and will be playing at the Majestic in Gettysburg later this year.

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