Sometime in 2013, the Giant Food Store, 6560 Carlisle Pike, will be able to sell beer to its customers.

The Silver Spring Township board of supervisors approved to transfer a restaurant liquor license from Hampden Township to Silver Spring Township.

The board saw a presentation from John MacDonald, director of marketing and external communications of Giant Food Stores, and Stanley Wolowski, a liquor license attorney from the Flaherty & O’Hara law firm representing Giant Food Stores L.L.C. In the presentation, MacDonald and Wolowski went over the layout of a new restaurant that will be constructed into the store.

The restaurant will feature a host of food choices for carry-out and dine-in. With the capacity to seat 36 customers, the restaurant will offer hot entree buffets, rotisserie and fried chicken, sandwiches and a Chinese restaurant. A sushi bar and a grab-and-go snack bar will also be featured in the restaurant.

Wolowski said the Pennsylvania Liquor Code allows the transfer of a liquor license from one municipality to another in the same county as long as it is approved by the receiving municipality. Citing a particular section within the code regulations, Wolowski said the section “provides that the receiving municipality shall approve the request unless it finds that doing so would adversely affect the welfare, health, peace and morals of the municipality or its residents.”

Beers, microbrews, craft beers and national beers will be sold and advertised only in the restaurant area. MacDonald explained that selling beer will also be a way for the grocery store to educate its customers with pairing specific beers to different meals, and that no liquor or wine would be sold in the store. When asked by township supervisor Nancy Griffie if the restaurant would result in the loss of grocery space, MacDonald said no space would be lost.

“What we end up doing is taking advantage of the space that we have and just moving some things around,” MacDonald said.

Wolowski explained that the transfer of the liquor license would mean the grocery store would vow to do so in a responsible manner. The store will adhere to a 100 percent carding policy and require all patrons to provide valid photo identification. Employees will also go through in-house training, along with becoming certified through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Responsible Alcohol Management Program. For customers dining in, MacDonald said there would be a two beer per person limit, and that customers have to order food to also order beer. There will also be a two six-pack per person limit for customers buying beer for carry-out.

Wolowski was confident that Giant Food Stores L.L.C., while already having some stores with the same policies and procedures that sell alcohol without incident, would continue to do so.

“Giant is a reputable, responsible company,” Wolowski said. “If Giant gets a restaurant liquor license for its new store, it’s not going to do anything to jeopardize that reputation, to risk that reputation, to tarnish it at all by selling beer in an irresponsible manner.”

The board also tentatively adopted the $6.97 million budget and authorized to advertise it for public inspection. It can be viewed on Silver Spring Township’s website, and it is available for public viewing at the Silver Spring Township administration building.

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