Students and faculty at Carlisle High School were evacuated from the school's building Tuesday after someone called in a bomb threat.

Officials received a call at about 9 a.m. from someone claiming that a bomb was somewhere inside the West Penn Street campus.

“The building was evacuated using the fire drill procedure, and the building was searched by district and administration (personnel) and school police with assistance from the Carlisle Police Department,” Carlisle Area School District Assistant Superintendent Christina Spielbauer said.

Parents received telephone calls from school officials about a half an hour later alerting them to the threat.

They were told about the evacuation and also that police were on scene assisting.

Although students were allowed back to class a short time later, parents were provided the option of taking their children home for the day.

It wasn’t immediately known whether or not any students went home, but officials said students weren’t briefed on the bomb scare until after the building was searched and deemed safe.

“No evidence of a credible threat was found,” Spielbauer said, adding that it has been years since the last time an incident such as this occurred at the school. “The children and the staff did a great job and the students were updated on the matter.”

Spielbauer said authorities are pursuing all leads in tracking down information and suspects involved in the threat.

Despite talk from students of a possible second threat later that morning, Sgt. Stephen Latshaw said police hadn’t received any further notices about additional activity. Spielbauer said there was not a second threat.

Posted at 10:30 a.m. on Cumberlink:

A bomb scare led to the evacuation of students at Carlisle High School Tuesday.

Police received what was termed a credible threat just before 9 a.m. and school officials sounded fire alarms to help clear the building. Parents began receiving robo-calls about 45 minutes later alerting them to the threat and advising them that police would remain at the school to offer assistance.

Students were allowed back to class about an hour later and parents were notified that they could pick up their children early if they chose.

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1. Neither the automated phone call nor the email sent by CHS stated we could pick up our children. That option wasn't known.
2. After being outside for about 15 minutes, kids were put back into the schools in the auditoriums or gyms while the buildings were still being searched. Nothing like bunching kids together back inside the threatened buildings!
3. With Wilson M.S. a 3 minutes walk away, why were students not escorted there? Safe distance, safe place!
4. CHS emergency plans need work!


Carlisle definitely needs to work on all of their safety plans. I am a student at Carlisle High School. The threat was made at 9 and the fire alarm didn't go off until about 9:15. We were put into the auditoriums and told nothing. Everyone was panicking, expecting the worst. Many students thought it was 9/11 all over again. The police should have brought the dogs in to sniff out a bomb if there would have been one. Any student could have had a bomb strapped to them in the auditorium.

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