The owner and developer of an incoming steakhouse off Walnut Bottom Road in South Middleton Township will go before the township supervisors Thursday with a revised floor plan of the business.

Supervisor Tom Faley said the owner, Bob Brunner, is requesting a waiver for a revised addition to the development plan. The new plan calls for a small addition to the rear of the building, which would be at maximum 10 feet by 20 feet and would encompass a freezer, cooler and dry storage area.

Faley said those three areas could not fit in the kitchen and food preparation area that was designated in the original final development plan.

Township policy says that any changes to the final development plan must go through the development plan process, but Brunner is requesting a waiver to that requirement since the addition is small.

“From my perspective, that sounds reasonable,” Faley said, noting that the addition will not affect the number of parking spaces nor will it force the development over the allowed impervious space.

Faley and the other township supervisors will vote on the waiver at Thursday’s board meeting at the township building at 520 Park Drive, Boiling Springs.

The steakhouse will take over the location of the former Bonanza, which burned down in 2013. Brunner said he will lease the property to the people who will run and operate the steakhouse.

Faley said Brunner’s goal is to open the steakhouse the last week of October or the first week of November.


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