A new business is expected to open in mid-March in one of the two synthetic drug bust locations in Carlisle.

Kanubhai Patel, who owns the Getty gas station in Boiling Springs, recently purchased the former Deli Creations site at 601 W. Louther St., in Carlisle.

Prudential Homesale Services Group handled the transaction.

Patel purchased the site after the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office acquired both the Deli Creations and N.S. Deli site in the first block of West Willow Street as a result of the synthetic drug raid on the two former convenience stores.

Last July Carlisle Police, Pennsylvania State Police and the Cumberland County Drug Task Force raided the two businesses for synthetic drugs, which resulted in the arrest of the two business owners. Nader F. Alajlouni, 49, and Samir A. Halabi, 53, both of Carlisle, were each charged with one count of felony distribution and delivery of designer drugs.

Alajlouni pleaded guilty to the charge during a pre-trial conference on Jan. 16 in front of Cumberland County Judge Thomas Placey and was immediately sentenced on the charge of 2 ½ years of probation, as well as submitting a DNA sample.

Halabi is scheduled for a pre-trial conference on March 6 and scheduled for trial on March 18.

District Attorney David Freed said his office made a civil forfeiture agreement on the properties, which means $50,000 in cash as well as the properties themselves were turned over to his office at the end of September.

Last week, Freed confirmed that both locations were sold, though he hadn’t specified the new owners or how much the DA’s office received in the transactions. Freed did say the money will go to fund overtime, a DA’s office detective and a paralegal, and support the county drug lab.

The previous business owner’s involvement with police was shocking to the Patel family. AJ Patel, Kanubhai Patel’s son said what happened at the business would not happen in theirs.

“We’ve been here in the community for many years,” Patel said, adding that they currently live in Boiling Springs. “We’ve been doing this business for many, many years.”

Patel said his father plans on opening Quick Stop Deli in the Deli Creations location on West Louther Street. The idea was something Patel said his father was looking at for quite some time.

“He was trying to look for a place over there (in Carlisle),” Patel said. “It’s right in town, across the street from the college.”

Patel said the family is currently remodeling the entire store and hopes to have it open by mid-March. The convenience store will offer the typical fare as well as a deli selection.

“It’ll be a small little convenience store with a deli business,” Patel said. “I know he plans on having sandwiches and pizza.”

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