Holy Spirit Health System has offered specialty services in Carlisle and other health care services to Carlisle residents, but Monday will mark the first time it will have a fully serviced facility in the area.

The Holy Spirit Carlisle Center at 1211 Forge Road in South Middleton Township will open its doors to the public on Monday.

"We have historically had emergency medicine services in the area through the West Shore EMS and a cardiac rehab office in Carlisle," said Rick LaVanture, senior vice president of Strategic Planning and Business Development at Holy Spirit. "We've also historically done preventative health education programs in Carlisle, including our Spirit of Women program, which was very well received. This will be our first full facility in Carlisle."

"Holy Spirit has enjoyed serving patients in the Carlisle community for many years," LaVanture continued. "The numbers of Carlisle area residents who choose Holy Spirit Hospital and our outpatient services continues to increase. This center will allow us to provide residents with additional care and services in a more convenient and integrated manner."

Expanding services

The Holy Spirit Health Center will begin offering family medicine and walk-in urgent care services on Monday. On Jan. 18, it will offer some additional services, including imaging and lab services and routine EKGs.

In addition to those planned services, Holy Spirit is also eyeing use of some of the extra office space at the facility.

"After the New Year, in 2012, we'll progressively be offering additional specialty physician services," LaVanture said. "There are a number of services that will rotate office hours at the Holy Spirit Carlisle Center. We'll have office space besides the family medicine center, but that's all unfolding as we go."

Walk-in service

The main services that will be available starting Monday are family care services and walk-in urgent care.

Because of the combination of those two services, Holy Spirit decided on giving Dr. Babak Behta residency at the Carlisle center.

Behta has already practiced at Holy Spirit's Silver Creek Family Health Center in Mechanicsburg and Broad Street Family Health Center in Marysville.

"Dr. Behta is an exceptional and accomplished family medicine physician, and he's also been involved in the earlier part of his career with urgent care," LaVanture said. "He knows how to offer walk-in services. It's a big dimension of our services provided at the center."

LaVanture said Holy Spirit Health System had discussions with Carlisle-area family physicians about the needs of the area, and the walk-in service was of particular interest to Holy Spirit, given the number of people in different situations who want the service.

"One is providing immediate and convenient primary care for those residents who, for whatever reason, choose not to have a regular physician," he said. "We could provide them with convenient and regular care.

"We also can provide a much more convenient and better alternative to busy emergency rooms," he added. "This will just be primary care. For the patients who do have a regular physician, we can provide extra and immediate care when the primary care physician is unavailable. There are days where a regular physician is not available or when a patient contacts their physician and they just can't wait until the next appointment."

Being able to offer walk-in services and other extra services was something that appealed to Holy Spirit.

"We're trying to make the delivery of health care services more convenient and more efficient," LaVanture said. "The watch words in health care reform are quality and value. That's what residents need in their health care. We want to be mindful of the changing needs and changing health care environment."

More information

The Carlisle Family Health Center portion of the South Middleton facility will open Monday. To schedule an appointment, call 218-3920 beginning on Dec. 19.

Routine EKG services, lab services and imaging services, which will include MRI, CT, 3-D and 4-D ultrasound, full body bone densitometry and digital X-ray, will be offered starting Wednesday, Jan. 18.

Digital mammography with computer-aided detection services will be offered beginning in late May.

For more information on services provided at the Holy Spirit Carlisle Center, call 763-CARE or visit www.hsh.org.

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