Clarence Franklin Barr

Clarence Franklin Barr is buried at the United States Army War College in Carlisle.

Michael Bupp, The Sentinel

The Sentinel offers “Graves in the Valley” throughout September, looking at some of the famous and infamous people buried in cemeteries of the Cumberland Valley:

Master Sgt.

Clarence Barr

HISTORY: Master Sgt. Clarence F. Barr was interred at the Indian Cemetery in August 1984, and his widow was also granted burial rights alongside her husband.

According to the book “Carlisle Indian Industrial School: Indigenous Histories, Memories and Reclamations,” Barr retired from military service in 1946 and had served 18 years at Carlisle Barracks in various positions from cook to first sergeant. Barr assisted in the relocation of the cemetery to the current site due to construction on the post.

In 1983, Barr requested special permission to be buried at the Indian Cemetery before his death in May 1983, and it was approved in July 1983 by the Department of the Army Mortuary Affairs. This burial is the last at the cemetery which now holds 228 burial sites.

HOW THEY DIED: Barr died on Aug. 23, 1984.

GRAVESITE: Indian Cemetery on the Carlisle Barracks.


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