The field of candidates for Cumberland County commissioner has grown by one.

Joshua Monighan, a 31-year-old Hampden Township native, has filed paperwork to appear on the November ballot representing the Independent Liberty Alliance, according to Penny Brown, director of the elections and voter services.

The alliance doesn't meet the state requirements for being a full-fledged political party, she added.

Monighan will, however, appear on the ballot as "Independent Liberty Alliance, because that's the body that's nominating him," Brown explained.

"I want a free, fair, open election," Monighan said Tuesday afternoon.

"I'm concerned with the board's position on property taxes and the reassessment. It's very difficult for people to keep up with their property taxes," he added.

Although he has never held an elected political office, he says that he is qualified to serve because, "I'm an entrepreneur and I'm enterprising. This country was founded as a representative republic and any common person can serve. I'm a common person."

His paperwork was filed Aug. 1, which was the deadline. No new candidates can file and anyone else who wishes to run will have to do so by a write-in campaign.

"He will be number five" on the ballot, Brown said, behind the two Republicans and two Democrats who secured their parties' nominations in the May primary.

Those candidates, who will appear on the ballot in the following order, are republicans Barb Cross and Gary Eichelberger and Democrats Jim Hertzler and Sean Schultz.

Ballot order, although alphabetical by happenstance this year, is determined by the number of votes each candidate received in the primary election.

In the November election, Cumberland County voters will choose three people to serve as the county's next board of commissioners. Cross and Eichelberger are incumbents. Democrat Rick Rovegno did not seek re-election to the board.

Monighan ran unsuccessfully for the 19th congressional district seat currently held by Republican Todd Platts. Platts, an incumbent, defeated him and Democratic challenger Ryan Sanders.

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