Families should expect some delays at bus stops early in the school year as new drivers learn routes and adjustments are made to account for enrollment growth.

This according to Fred Withum II, superintendent of the Cumberland Valley School District, which saw a record number of new student registrations over the summer.

Withum recommends parents and students report to bus stops 10 to 15 minutes before the published time and wait 10 to 15 more minutes beyond pick-up before contacting the district.

“Do not assume that everything is as it was last year,” Withum said. “It may not be the exact same.”

He said the number of students riding a particular bus may have gone up because of summer registrations. This could increase the number of stops that bus would have to make causing a delay in what had been a routine pattern.

Withum also suggested families verify that the school district has their most current telephone number and contact information in case of an emergency.

He urged families to avoid buying back-to-school supplies too early and instead allow their children to settle in first. “All kids need on the first day is a good attitude,” Withum said. “That is the most critical thing they can bring with them.”

Al Moyer had similar advice as the outgoing superintendent of the South Middleton School District. He retired on Friday after almost 36 years in public education.

“For parents, do not buy a lot of supplies too early,” Moyer said. “There may be specific things the teacher would like students to have. Sales get better if you wait a little while.”

Christina Spielbauer, acting superintendent of the Carlisle Area School District, encouraged students to get a good night’s sleep in the lead-up to back-to-school. Students should phase in changes in the sleep cycle over a period of several nights instead of the night before.

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