The following students from Central Penn College have been named to the Dean’s List: Thomas Vinette of Boiling Springs, Heather Croswell-Anderson of Boiling Springs, Denise Deibler of Boiling Springs, Aaron Williams of Camp Hill, Maria Gonzalez of Camp Hill, Joshua Miller of Camp Hill, Jason Witmer of Camp Hill, Jenelle Groninger of Camp Hill, Ryan Moody of Camp Hill, Dalton Riggleman of Camp Hill, Katherine Seidel of Camp Hill, Christopher Troup of Camp Hill, Joseph Bodkin of Camp Hill, Justin Borman of Camp Hill, Janine Grove of Camp Hill, Matthew McLaughlin of Camp Hill, Nda Shalal of Camp Hill, Michael Machin of Lemoyne, Marnie Baker of Carlisle, Julie Sodmont of Carlisle, Tyler Coleman of Carlisle, Megan Nieding of Carlisle, Stacy Smith of Carlisle, Kiersten Giles of Carlisle, Christina Hodges of Carlisle, Michael Mercado of Carlisle, Justine Bauer of Dillsburg, Kinsey Anderson of Dillsburg, Megan Bell of Dillsburg, Derek Kuhn of Dillsburg, Jodi Brown of Dillsburg, Tucker Mizerak of Dillsburg, Hunter Rupp of Dillsburg, Damira Warta of Dillsburg, Laura Fox of Duncannon, James Broughton of Duncannon, Troy Sturgeon of Duncannon, Julie Diehl of Duncannon, Heather Green of Duncannon, Dawn Williams of Duncannon, Aaron Seidel of Elliottsburg, Kristina Depew of Enola, Megan Doherty of Enola, Whitney Fickes of Enola, Heather LaManna of Enola, Daniel Metallo of Enola, Elaine Redmond of Enola, Thomas Schreiner of Enola, Fawn Van Brederode of Enola, Chris Stewart of Enola, Brian Wright of Enola, Jack Huang of Enola, James Cieri of Enola, Brittany Gruver of Enola, Hannah Leckey of Enola, Lori Shindel of Enola, Carla King of Landisburg, Michael Babaian of Lemoyne, Angella Moreno of Lemoyne, Joy McVoy of Liverpool, Britany Raber of Liverpool, Liza Twigg of Liverpool, Rebecca DeLay of Elliottsburg, Matthew Stubb of Marysville, Alexis Crider of Marysville, Roman Alcazar of Mechanicsburg, Sara Shumberger of Mechanicsburg, Ellen Coleman of Mechanicsburg, Eric Johnson of Mechanicsburg, Chelsea Smerling of Mechanicsburg, Charlie Hughley of Mechanicsburg, Craig Davis of Mechanicsburg, Christine Donaghy of Mechanicsburg, Megan Leister of Mechanicsburg, Melissa Mellott of Mechanicsburg, Jessica Moore of Mechanicsburg, Jason Schulman of Mechanicsburg, David Swartz of Mechanicsburg, Jessica Toth of Mechanicsburg, Steven Valencic of Mechanicsburg, Thomas Birch of Mechanicsburg, Alison Bruker of Mechanicsburg, Renalie Huerto of Mechanicsburg, Staci Kendall of Mechanicsburg, Ann Knox of Mechanicsburg, Erin Waltz of Mechanicsburg, Agnieszka Wrobel of Mechanicsburg, Raquel Clark of Mechanicsburg, Hope Farabelli of Mechanicsburg, Nicholas Granito of Mechanicsburg, Jaclyn Keys of Mechanicsburg, Jessica Phillips of Mechanicsburg, Justine Sheffer of Mechanicsburg, Ahmad Zafar of Mechanicsburg, George Moore of Millerstown, Tyler Underwood of New Bloomfield, Jamie Irwin of New Cumberland, Elizabeth Moyer of New Cumberland, Amber Ferree of New Cumberland, Lisa Kennedy of New Cumberland, Sarah Butler of New Cumberland, Donna Berry of New Cumberland, Matthew Welfley of Newport, James Hepschmidt of Shermans Dale, Garrett Shover of Shermans Dale, Matthew Wright of Shermans Dale, Jaime Buechel of Shermans Dale, Carl Morrow of Shermans Dale, Heather Rudy of Shermans Dale, Meta Sutton of Shippensburg, Kayla Harris of Shiremanstown, Tonia Hooper of Walnut Bottom

The following student from Berry College has been named to the Dean’s List: Noah Howie of Mount Holly Springs